Lobster and crab, a culinary feast

Sweet and succulent, whether you prefer the Maine lobster Homarus americanus with two big meat-filled claws or the Florida (spiny) Panulirus argus with two ordinary front legs where the claws would be. You will find all the information that you need on how to cook and serve them.

This site has sections on how to catch them, how to cook them, recipes from around the world, articles on seafood restaurants worldwide. in fact just about anything that you would want to know about this culinary delight.

If you don't find what you are after on this site please let me know and I will endeavour to find out for you and include it in this site.

As a lover of all seafood I have enlarged and extended this site to include all types of shellfish. I have not included any fish at all as I feel this would be too broad a subject, perhaps I will make this a subject for another web site.

Bon Appetit

All the lobster facts you need to know.
All the lobster facts you need to know. Interesting facts about the diferent species of lobsters both in the States and worldwide.
Maine lobsters, sometimes known as the king of seafood, has a distinctive f
Maine lobsters, sometimes referred to as the king of seafood, has a distinctive flavor that's both mild and slightly sweet.
The spiny lobster or Florida lobster
The Florida or spiny lobster has no claws like the Maine lobster, it has legs where the claws are on a maine lobster.
Crayfish or crawfish or crawdad as they are known in some parts.
Crayfish, crawfish, crawdad or whatever you call them this is the page for all you need to know.
Langoustine and dublin bay prawns, all you need to know
Everything you ever wanted to know about langoustine, what they are where you can buy them and how to cook them
Some fantastic lobster recipes and ways to to cook, serve and enjoy Lobster
Some great ways to cook and serve lobster from the simple boiled Lobster served with lashings of butter to more exotic lobster recipes from around the World
Cooking lobster at home, there is nothing to be scared of
Cooking lobster at home is so much easier than you think and much cheaper
Seafood cookery books that will set your taste buds alight.
Seafood cookery books that will set your taste buds alight.
Seafood restaurants from around the world for those of you that like to travel.
Fantastic seafood restaurants from around the world for to check before you set off on your culinary tour. Reviews, sample menu's, price guides.
The best Lobster bisque recipe for a delicious soup with cream and brandy
The best lobster bisque recipe for one of the most famous of all lobster soups.
Lobster with minted mayonaise is a refreshingly light way to eat lobster
Lobster with minted mayonaise, deliciously diferent.
Gout natural remedies
Gout natural remedies that work
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